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Dec 8 | 6:00PM - 11:00PM

The Official Lights in the Heights Bike Ride

The Official Lights in the Heights Bike Ride

As a proud sponsor of Lights in the Heights, we invite you to come drink in the Christmas spirit with the one and only OFFICIAL Lights in the Heights Social Bike Ride.

We'll be guiding you on a slow places ride through the decorated historic Heights neighborhoods. It truly is the best way to see the lights!

More info:

This ride is approximately 12 miles long.
6PM - Rally at Eureka Heights.
1st Stop - Onion Creek Cafe
8:30PM - Ride through the lights
2nd Stop - Good Dog
BACK to Eureka Heights Brewery!

Bring cash to help lines move faster at our two stops.

Remember, this is a social ride, not a race. We will do our best to keep everyone together. We strongly encourage the use of helmets and bike lights for safety. Riding in the Lights in the Heights bike ride is at your own risk. Eureka Heights is not responsible for any accidents that may occur. That being said, we ask everyone to be safe and look out for one another.