Design your own beer can contest!

Dig out those markers and get your drawing on. 


    1. Design your can based on anything your little heart desires. You can use our name or make up your own. Ideas for names: ‘Happy Place’, ‘Appropriate Distance’ You may use any medium: crayons, paint, colored pencils, digital, phone or iPad apps
    2. Take a photo or scan and email your entry to contest@eurekaheights.com by May 1st! Top three will be selected and featured in our social media and the winner will receive an amazing Eureka Heights package!

To download image to print:

Click on the image to the right, open image in a new tab, print page.

To download the image to an iPad or iPhone:

Push down on the image in your browser, select open image in new tab to see full size, select save image. Find your photo app and there it is!  Click the image and edit, click on the three circles and select markup. You can now color with your finger and/or an apple pencil.